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Why Use Licensed Professional?

There are many differnt professionals to choose from when seeking help managing Mental Health. Your search results may result in:

  • Licensed and Unlicensed Counselors 
  • Certified and Uncertified Coaches

It is important to understand the extent of training the professional you choose to work with has undergone. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Minnesota, I hold a 60 credit Master's Degress in Menatl Health Counseling and have had 4000 hours of experience working with clients under the guidance of a seasoned licensed professional (supervisor) - meaning 2 years of full time work during which, for every 40 hours of work, 2 hours of supervision was required which provided oversight and guidence over my client case load and continual training. As a licensed professional, I am also responsible to Contineuing Education Credits annaully (CEUs). Minnesota has  one of the Nation's highest standards for Mental Health Providers. 

For more information on my state license and national certification, take a look at the links below:

Description of State Licensure (LPCC) and National Certification Here (NBCC)


Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health (MBBH)


**Please Note: While working in Basel, I am working with permission granted from Basel Stadt to provide Cousneling Services. I am not working under my American License or the associated boad (MBBH) while working abroad though I certainly following the Ethical guidelines and standards that are established by the MBBH as well as the NBCC.