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UPDATED May 11, 2020

As of Monday, May 11, I am opening my practice back up to include both in office and virtual sessions. I will leave it up to each individual client to assess their current situation and comfort level to determine what works best for them. I do have hand sanitizer in my office and I may or can wear a mask upon request.  Clients are welcome to wear a mask if that makes them more comfortable. I do believe there is adequate space in my office to be able to practice the 2 meter recommendation. 

As we move forward, I do request that everyone continues to follow recommendations made by the federal and local governments, including:

-Do not come to office if you have been feeling ill and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID 19 

-Do not come to the office if you become aware that you have been in close contact with someone who is ill and has been diagnosed with COVID19 or could potentially have COVID19

-Do not come to the office if you have been traveling and are in required quarantine time period

Under these circumstances, we can continue virtual sessions for the recommended time period. 

As always, your wellbeing remains my priority. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.